The Canal Way ET story by Ivana Bacik and Henri McKervey

As Dublin 8 parents playing the school-waiting-list waiting game, we were only too familiar with the huge demand for multi-denominational school places. We each had a child due to begin Junior Infants in 2010. However, the combined waiting list of the two local multi-denominational schools was approximately 500 children!

The school that will open as Canal Way ET NS began as a conversation over a coffee just before Christmas 2009. We had the first official meeting of 'Canal Way Multi Denominational School' in Ivana's kitchen in January 2010, and it was clear from that first meeting that there were plenty of parents out there who were as frustrated by the lack of multi-denominational school places as we were. We established a committee as a result of that first meeting and began to get ourselves organised. Innocently, we thought that just by demonstrating demand a new school would be recognised in time for September 2010! At times we have both sought recognition for a new school on a stand-alone basis and looked for a transformation from an existing Catholic school.

We became affiliated to our patron body Educate Together almost immediately and they - particularly Amy Mulvihill and Paul Rowe - have always been a huge support and source of information and advice.

It's been a busy few years since then. We've held events attended by well over a thousand people in total, we've fundraised, we've campaigned, we've had volunteers dressing up in bear costumes, we've protested outside the Dáil, we've petitioned, we've lobbied, we've asked nicely, we've complained.... but most importantly, we never gave up. And our perseverance and the perseverance and loyal support of our many members in this area and other local areas, has finally resulted in the wonderful news that our new school will open this September.

As of June 2013, there are over 1,000 people on the mailing list and hundreds of children pre-enrolled from this year up to 2018. The school that started life over a coffer has become a part of our community and our future.

Newsletter 11.11.2018

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NEWSLETTER 19.10.2018

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