Philosophy 2 with Aodán’s Class

Allec’s presentation to Senior Infants!

We were super lucky to have Allec (Iddei’s dad) come in and show us all of his super cool diving gear, and teach us all about evolution and the oceans! We learned so much and even got to see Allec swimming with Sharks!!!

Mini-beast Hotels with Ciarán’s class

We built some great hotels in the garden, we will check up on them next week and see if any mini-beasts come to stay in our lovely hotels!

Ciarán’s Senior Infants – Re-purposing a washing machine drum!

Last Friday in Senior Infants we learned all about re-purposing items and giving them a new lease of life! We started off small by re-purposing some toilet rolls and plastic cups into a cool Maths game… but then Dee (Stuart’s Mam) had a great idea to re-purpose one of the old washing machine drums from the yard! Have a look through the pictures to see the finished product :) The Senior Infants would like to give a huge special thanks to Dee for helping us create our wonderful sunflower!

Ciarán’s Senior Infants

We started back our very beloved Aistear today! We are doing some very important work in the Doctor’s surgery and learning all about how to take care of ourselves :)



Dear Parents / Guardians,

We hope you have a great holiday, and we look forward to seeing you in 2014.

Best wishes from …

The Staff of Portobello ETNS.

Senior Infants Book List 2013

ENGLISH Sounds in Action – Senior Infants
Guided Readers – Rented from the school.
MATHS Planet Maths Senior Infants / Folens.
SESE Window on the World B / Edco
COPIES 1 x no15 Copy Book
1 x Junior Sum Copy Book
3 x B2 Handwriting Copies
REQUISITES 5 x Large Pritt Sticks
8 x Junior Grip HB Pencils
3 x A4 Plastic Button Folders
2 x Plain Copy
Tracing Paper
5 x Face Cloths

Please put your child’s name on the cover of all books and all other materials
Teacher will take books and requisites (except face cloths) from the children on the first day and store them in the classroom for safe keeping.

Please retain this booklist for purchasing your child’s books. Your child will need to have all his/her books for the first day back to school – 2nd September 2013.

Helping your child in Senior Infants

  • Provide your child with a fresh facecloth every day for drying their hands.
  • Encourage your child to share their toys and to tidy up after playing.
  • Choose a lunch box and flask that are easily opened.
  • Give some thought to lunches. Peeled oranges for example, are easier for your child to manage. Set yoghurt may help to avoid spills
  • Talk with your child about how they are getting on in school. (ask specific questions rather than ‘What did you do at school today?’ Try – ‘Did you sing at school today? , What did you draw?’ What story did Teacher read to you?’
  • Do words and reading when they start to bring them home.
  • Start to speak a few Irish words around the house.
  • Encourage good behaviour
  • Trips to the Library.