Dear Parents / Guardians,

We hope you have a great holiday, and we look forward to seeing you in 2014.

Best wishes from …

The Staff of Portobello ETNS.

First Class Book List 2012

ENGLISH Magic Emerald 1st Class Activity Book / CJ Falon.
Guided Readers – Rented from the school.
MATHS Planet Maths First Class Text Book / Folens.
Time for Tables / Edco
SESE Window on the World Activity Book 1 / Edco
MUSIC Tin Whistle D
COPIES 6 x 15A Project bookCopy Book
1 x Junior Sum Copy Book 20mm
2 x Junior Sum Copy Book (10mm)
3 x B2 Handwriting Copies
REQUISITES 2 x Large Pritt Sticks
HB Pencils
1 x A4 Plastic Button Folders
1 x A4 Zip Folder
Packet of Colouring Pencils
2 x rubbers
2 x sharpeners
30cm ruler
2 x Plain Copy
5 x Face Cloths

Please put your child’s name on the cover of all books and all other materials
Teacher will take books and requisites (except face cloths) from the children on the first day and store them in the classroom for safe keeping.

Please retain this booklist for purchasing your child’s books. Your child will need to have all his/her books for the first day back to school – 2nd September 2013.

Helping your child in First and Second Class

  • Read with your child and draw notice to reading in the environment.
  • Trips to the Library.
  • Practice Irish sentences or phrases with your child.
  • Watch Tg4 – Irish programmes and cartoons.
  • Help your child to break numbers into tens using counting materials – lollipop sticks, bottle tops.
  • Start to have fun estimating – how many steps is it to the shops? Investigate if the estimates were good ones.
  • Play games with rules and team strategies.