NEWSLETTER 30.01.2014

Dear Parents Guardians,

Welcome to this weeks newsletter -

ETHOS: The Chinese year 4712 begins on Jan. 31, 2014. The children will enjoy Friday as we have lots of activities planned to explore this festival. Best wishes to all celebrating The Chinese New Year. Lots happening around the city – check it out.

VACCINATIONS: Thank-you to all Junior Infant parents who have returned their consent forms. If you want to avail of the vaccinations, and have not returned the forms, please do so in advance of Thursday 6th February. The HSE staff will manage the day and the children will be in good hands. We usually find if children see parents there it causes upset for them so we ask you to be brave and we will take good care of them as always. Any concerns please talk to me directly.

BOARD OF MANAGEMENT ELECTION NIGHT 13.02.2014: There will be a meeting in the school on Thursday 13th of February at 8pm, for parents/guardians of children currently attending the school, to elect parent representatives onto the Board of Management. Please let myself or  the chairperson Niamh Shine know if you are putting yourself forward as a candidate, in advance of the 12th February. Thank-you to those who have done this already. Candidates are invited to say a few words (2 minutes) to the parent body before the election on the evening of the 13th. Every parent/guardian will have two votes, one for the male candidate and one for the female candidate.

Some general information: The function of the board is to manage the school. The parent representatives on the board will be working in that capacity. We want a parental perspective at all meetings however the primary function of the parent’s representative is in the management of the school, and not representing the parents. The term of the board is normally 4years, however this board will not run full term and shall be dissolved after 18months, as the term of office ends for all boards at the same time in autumn 2015. Our next meeting of board members will be on February 17th where we will continue working on completing the formation of the board. If you feel this role is not for you, then the formation of the parents association will be another separate opportunity to become involved actively in the school community.

INFORMATION NIGHT 13.02.2014: (SAME NIGHT) We will be continuing our meeting after the elections on Thursday 13th  until 09.30pm for parents/guardians of children currently attending the school. We look forward to updating you on the development of our school, and our move to Basin Lane for September 2014.

COMMUNICATIONS POLICY: You will find our policies in the downloads section of the website. Please take the time to read this newly ratified policy. Just to highlight, if your child is sick, please send in a note when they return. There is no need to ring daily to inform us unless it is serious and something we need to be aware of.  Also, if you are running late there is no need to ring or text. We will still be happy to see you when you arrive!

HEALTHY EATING POLICY: Please see this policy in the downloads section also.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: We are in the process of pricing instruments and are looking forward to making a purchase soon. We will keep you updated.

OUT AND ABOUT: Have a look at the photos in the gallery of last weeks trip to the Art Gallery. The children had a ball. Below are some pictures of the children drawing opposite The National Concert Hall.

Have a lovely weekend & best wishes,


IMG_20140117_112451 IMG_20140117_112513 20140124_104505

National Art Gallery 24.01.2018

NEWSLETTER 23.01.2014

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Please find our weekly newsletter.

ETHOS: We are still in the process of electing the Board of Management, and are delighted to announce that Fiona has been elected as the teacher representative. We are researching suitable candidates for community representatives at present. We are giving this a lot of thought and consideration, and hope to be in a position to elect both of these candidates along with the parent’s representatives in the coming weeks.

VACCINATIONS: The HSE school vaccination team will visit our school on 11th February 2014. The vaccine offered will be MMR and 4in1 to all junior infants. We will be sending home an information leaflet and consent form next week.

YARD: Although the yard is open before 08.30am, we cannot take full responsibility for children in the yard before school opens. If you have to leave early, it may be an idea to leave your child with another adult in the yard, if they are in agreement.

OUT AND ABOUT: We are off to the National Gallery tomorrow. We will be on foot as always, and we have organised a guided tour for the children.

FIRHOUSE ETNS: This school started up the same time as us, and have been a great support to us in many ways. They are having a comedy night in Tallaght, Maldron Hotel, Friday 31st @ 19.30hrs. They have a great line up. Some old friends of the Portobello Start Up Group, Mr Paul Woodfull and Joe Rooney will be performing their hilarious act ‘Ding Dong Denny O’ Reilly & Scribbler’, along with Willie White and Al Porter. Should be good fun.

We hope you have a nice weekend,

Best Wishes – Dermot.

Active Maths

Active Maths

NEWSLETTER 16.01.2014

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Welcome to this weeks Newsletter:

ETHOS: Core Value this month is Trust. Chinese New Year is approaching and we will be looking forward to learning all about this. The Board of Management are currently researching community representatives for the board. Thank-you to all those who have spoken to me regarding the parents representative positions, and we will be in touch when we are ready to have elections.

STAFF MEETING: First and second class will finish at 13.10hrs (1 hour early) this Wednesday 22nd January, to facilitate a staff meeting. Please inform child care, crèches and minders.

HOLIDAYS: reminder of forthcoming holidays -

  • Mid-term break 19th / 20th / 21st February
  • St Patricks Day (Bank Holiday) – 17th March
  • Easter break begins Monday 14th – ends Friday 25th – back in school Monday 28th
  • May 5th Bank Holiday
  • June 2nd & 3rd

Normal finishing time for school days immediately prior to these holidays except the last day of term three, when we will have a half day 11.40 am.

GAEILGE CLASSES: We had a great response to the classes that are being facilitated by a parent. Anyone still interested please contact the office. They are starting soon.

ENROLMENTS 2014 : Portobello Educate Together have sent out their offers of places for 2014 on the 15th of January. These initial offers have 14 days to accept, after which unaccepted places will be offered to the next on the list, and this will continue until the class is full. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified when the class is full. Unfortunately, we cannot to be sure if the class in truly full, as we may see movement up until August as people’s circumstances change. For Further information, please read the enrolment policy. Please be reminded that Portobello Educate Together does not have a sibling policy, as set out by Educate Together.

OUT AND ABOUT: I have attached some pictures of our trip last week to the Natural History Museum. I have also attached some pictures from around the school. Fiona is currently doing gymnastics with the school. See Gallery or the previous post below.

REMINDERS: Please wear appropriate PE shoes on Tuesday and Thursday. Also healthy lunches as always.

Have a nice weekend,


Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum




Highlights January 2014

NEWSLETTER 09.01.2014

Welcome to this week’s newsletter.

ETHOS: PETNS are applying for the Active Schools Flag. This is a flag awarded to schools that have a physically active community. We are very proud of our weekly trips and our active community, and look forward to making this a part of our school into the future. You can read more about this initiative by clicking HERE. Our Core Value this month is trust.

OUT AND ABOUT: We are all off to the Natural History Museum tomorrow – on foot as usual.

STAFF: We would like to welcome Sonja to our staff. Sonja will be working as Special Needs Assistant. Sonja comes with a wealth of experience and we are delighted to have her on board.

BOARD OF MANAGEMENT: We are pleased to announce the first two members of our Board of Management:

-          Chairperson: Niamh Shine

-          Patron Representative: Katie Burke.

Niamh, Katie and myself had our first meeting last night, and we can now commence forming the rest of the Board of Management. The first step is to elect two parents to the board, (male and female) followed by two community representatives. If you would like more information on this please come and talk to me or to our Chairperson. We will be planning early February to nominate the parents representatives. The parent body will then vote and elect the parents representatives. While it is not critical, The Board of Management would ideally like members with skills in law or finance. Please do not let this exclude anyone, but if you have these skills, we would appreciate you giving this some thought.

When the Board is fully elected, we can then form the Parents Association.

LOST AND FOUND: A wallet was found in the yard. Please contact me to claim it … if it’s yours!

GAEILGE CLASSES: A parent in our community would like to facilitate classes for parents in Gaeilge. This would be aimed at conversational Irish, and will be good fun. I have been assured there will be no tests or sticks. We have not set times, and would just like an expression of interest at this stage to determine if it there is demand. Please contact the office if you are interested.

Have a nice weekend & happy new year from us all,