NEWSLETTER 30.01.2014

Dear Parents / Guardians,

ETHOS: Our core value next month is Trust. St Brigid’s Day is on Sunday. St Brigid awakens all the fields and the flowers, and calls the birds to sing. Yes – January is over    ;o)

TEACHING AND LEARNING: This week the children listened to ‘Little Blue and Little Yellow’ by Leo Lion at assembly. There are some you-tube recordings of this book.

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: There was a great response to the Speech & Drama and Irish Dancing. We are considering two more activities, and will be in touch about these shortly.

If you have any queries with either the Dancing or Drama, please do not contact the office or your class teacher. All queries must be directed to the teacher running the activity.

Hazel (Drama) – Contact in school.

Catherine (Irish Dancing) – 0879932791

BIKE SHED: Please lock the bike shed if you are last to leave the yard.

POD: Every family will be given a letter next week. This relates to the Primary Online Data system which the Department of Education is bringing into schools. Canal Way Educate Together will only be collecting information that you submit, for the obligatory category 1 section. We will not be collecting, storing or submitting information about religion or ethnicity on behalf of the Department of Education.

We hope you have a great weekend,

Dermot and all the staff.


Newsletter 22/1/2015

Welcome to this week’s newsletter.

ETHOS – At assembly today 1st, 2nd and 3rd class played percussion instruments accompanying the school in singing the ‘Road to Nowhere’.

Philosophy; we have really been enjoying thinking time this week. We will be keeping you informed of our thoughts in the coming weeks.

We will be celebrating Chinese and Vietnamese New Year soon and are looking for some volunteers to come in and lead some activities on 12th February. Please contact Fiona if you are interested.


Fiona and Wilma’s class are enjoying learning about babies and have welcomed in some small visitors to the school. Thank you for sharing the baby photographs.

Aodan and Hazel’s classes have been learning about penguins and have explored drawing penguins in Art this week.


Flyer went home today about Drama classes starting soon, thank you Hazel. Irish dancing flyer should go home next week. Classes to start soon.


Thank you to everyone who organised, participated and enjoyed themselves on Saturday afternoon. The event was a great success. Please check out the gallery photographs.


The parents association have been granted permission to run a number of proposed fundraising events over the coming months by the Board of Management. A school disco, movie night, sponsored walk and a summer barbecue have been proposed.

Our first fundraising event of 2015 is a school disco for all current pupils at the school and their families from 4-6pm on Saturday 28th February.  Glow sticks, face-painting, pop-up cafe and groovy tunes.  Come along and boogie on down!  Kate Beglan, Sinead Dullaghan and Jessie Hamilton have kindly volunteered to coordinate this event.

Please volunteer to help at our school disco at!

All the best,

Dermot and staff.

Residents of Hatch Hall invited to the school.

NEWSLETTER 15.01.2015

Welcome to this week’s newsletter,

ETHOS – Core Value this month is Empathy. We spoke about this at assembly yesterday. The children are learning Talking Head’s ‘Road To Nowhere’ at assembly. 1st, 2nd and 3rd are putting some instruments on this one.

We have started philosophy discussions this week. We will be keeping you updated with our thoughts in the coming weeks.

TEACHING AND LEARNING – All the classes are working on their ideas for the garden. These will contribute to the over-all vision for our garden.

COMMUNITEA Event – Please do come along this Saturday the 17th from 2.30-4.30. There’ll be games for the kids, music, a pop-up cafe serving afternoon tea (of course), and an opportunity to welcome the residents of Hatch Hall and their families. Please bring a food donation for the afternoon tea (cakes, buns, biscuits rather than sandwiches please) and if you have a cake stand, then why not bring it too.

CANAL WAY – Work will be commencing to update our website and logo with our new name – Canal Way Educate Together.

OUTSTANDING MONEY: We will be contacting you directly next week if you have outstanding material money.

POD – The Department of Education are making a data base of all students. We will be supplying you with a form next week. You must return this to us. Part of the form and information requested is compulsory. If you want further information please read about it here.

All the best,


NEWSLETTER 08.01.2015

Happy New Year all, and welcome to this week’s newsletter,

ETHOS: Have a look in the Gallery at our Festival of Lights Assembly. Core Value this month is Empathy. We discussed the new-year 2015 at assembly today, and the children learned all about new-year resolutions.

PORTOBELLO HITS THE BIG SCREEN: Well done to Aodán’s class, who entered the IFI Fairy Tale Film Challenge with their short film entitled ‘Jack and the Telephone Pole’. The class were invited to the premier of ‘Into The Woods’ in the IFI on Wednesday, where their short film was also shown on the big screen. Congratulations 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Well deserved – an amazing production and cast.

EALTHY LUNCHES: We have a healthy eating policy in the school. Please send your child into school with a healthy lunch. Fruit, Vegetables, Healthy food. See our policy here. Trust you will make an effort – it is not fair on the children who do bring in healthy lunches.

GREEN SCHOOLS VISIT: We will be having a visit on 21.01.2014. The children have installed a compost bin in the garden this week.

COMMUNICATION: If your contact info has changed at all, please notify the school. Also, if you know of anyone in the school who does not get the newsletter, please get them to contact us. We are aware that our texting system does not text all parents / guardians in a family, and we will be correcting that. There is a lot of work in this – we appreciate your patience.

We will be sending out information forms for you to fill out next week. This is for the Department of Education, who are building a student data base (POD).

We are sending out our junior infant offers next week, for 2015.

COMMUNITEA Event – Please do come along to this event on Saturday 17th from 2.30-4.30. There’ll be games for the kids, music, a pop-up cafe serving afternoon tea (of course), and an opportunity to welcome the residents of Hatch Hall and their families. Please bring a food donation for the afternoon tea (cakes, buns, biscuits rather than sandwiches please) and if you have a cake stand, then why not bring it too.

SCIENCE: Lastly, an event which may be of interest to ye for the weekend ahead – BT Young Scientist and Technology exhibition – in the RDS until Saturday.

Enjoy the weekend,

Dermot & Staff.