Wilma’s Class Reading In the New Library

Wilma’s P.E. Class

Henry Matisse with Kate

Thanks a million to Kate for coming in and telling us the story of the French artist, Henry Matisse. After, we made some beautiful art on giant hearts, all provided by Kate.


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Der Parents, Guardians & Grandparents …. !

HUGE THANKYOU to all of our grandparents who came in to the school on Friday. I speak on behalf of the staff when I say that the atmosphere around the school was something we will never forget. It was truly magical. Thank-you Hazel from us all – for initiating & organising Grandparents Day. This event enriches our school culture so much and we can’t wait till next year.

Please email photos into us. Unfortunately the staff were too engaged to take any. We will update the gallery during the week.

AFTERSCHOOL ACTIVITIES – You received an email with information about activities. Please read.

HEALTH – There are lots of bugs and flus going around at the moment. Please hang onto the little ones at home, if they are under the weather.

Thanks for keeping CWETNS nut free.

SCHOOL CLOSURE – School is closed this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – Mid Term Break, We hope you enjoy yourselves.

ETHOS – Valentine’s Day yesterday, Darwin Day was Friday, Love is the Core Value.

‘The love of all living creatures, is the most noble attribute of man” – Charles Darwin.

Have a nice break,

Dermot & Staff,

Grandparents’ Day

We had such a great day today with our Grandparents! Thanks to everyone for coming in and sharing their stories with us, we learned so much! 


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