NEWSLETTER 16.03.2016

Dear Parents / Guardians,

We have been extremely busy of late, in CWETNS – too busy (& tired) to write about it. Check out the gallery for lots of pictures.

Parents Association: Date for your diary - Thursday 7th April, 8:30pm - General Meeting of the Parents Association.

Thanks for all of your support this term – we really appreciated it and we hope you enjoy the break.

See ye on 4th April – Best Wishes,

Dermot & Staff.

Irish Dancing – Céilí Mór

1916 Commemorations

Drawing Spring Flowers Senior Infants



Welcome to this week’s newsletter,

ETHOS – This month’s core value is Love. Our Great Egg Drop is tomorrow, in keeping with the Spring theme for our upcoming holidays. Seachtain Na Gaeilge activities are going well. Children are learning songs and dances, and there is a Céilí Mór sa halla on Wednesday.

Sarah from the Rediscovery Centre visited us today, and the children learned about energy. It was a great morning. 2nd 3rd 4th made ovens using recycled household items, and 1st made wind turbines using recycled items also. Thanks Wilma for organising the fab visit.

1916 COMMEMORATIONS – Tuesday’s assembly will be remembering 1916, and we shall be raising our flag  location to be decided – somewhere in the air! The children have and will be learning about the 1916.

  • Junior Infants are working on a map of treasures.
  • Senior Infants are looking at pictures and shall be writing their own Proclamation next week, for 2016.
  • First Class are learning about our flag.
  • Senior Classes are looking forward at 3016 and predicting.
  • 3rd 4th went on a trip to Kilmainham Jail today, and had a personalised age appropriate tour of the jail. Thanks Hazel for pulling strings on that one.

COMMUNICATION: Please contact your teacher if you ever need to arrange meetings. See them in the yard, send a note or contact the office to arrange an appointment. Please do not send elaborated emails, as we communicate face to face when discussing the children. See our communication policy. HERE. Thanks.

STUDENTS: Our student teachers from St Patricks College will be doing their last day tomorrow. Thank-you John, Elaine, Denise and Emma-Gene. Thanks to the staff & children for their support.

SCHOOL CLOSURES – SPRING BREAK: Our National Holiday – Patricks Day is on Thursday 17th. School will close at 12noon on Wednesday 16th and we shall re-open on April 4th after our Spring Break.

AFTERSCHOOL ACTIVITIES: We’d like to inform parents that there is only Yoga on next monday 14th March (making up for a missed class) there are no other afterschool activities next week. All activities will resume the week beginning 4th of April when the school reopens after the holidays.

PHILOSOPHY: We are working with an external philosophy student in Term 3, and shall be exploring different teaching methodologies. Aodán is working on a project with the children at present which ye will enjoy. Details to follow.

STUDENT COUNCIL met today to discuss the yard, and came up with some great ideas to make it more interactive and fun. We will be putting these ideas into action in the coming weeks. Well done Charlie at chairing the meeting so well. The council are taking charge more now, and they ran the meeting themselves today. Great job.

CONGRATULATIONS to Aileen on the arrival of your ‘beaushiful’ son. We are all looking forward to seeing your new arrival.

All the best,

Dermot & Staff.


Welcome to this week’s newsletter –

ETHOS – Our core Value is Love.

THE GREAT EGG DROP – Next Friday 11.03.2016 during school, we are holding the classic Egg Drop Science challenge, which you will work on at home. You and your child are challenged to design a container/system for your fresh egg that will prevent the egg from breaking or cracking when dropped. The eggs will be dropped approximately 4 meters by the staff, from the sheds roof. You can use any materials you want remembering the smaller the design the better. This is a whole school challenge – all children will go to the yard to enjoy the eggs dropping. If you have any queries or need support with this activity, please talk to your class teacher. We want to ensure that EVERY every child takes part.

PHOTOGRAPHER – Our School Photographers will be here on the 9th March. Every child will be photographed and also a class photograph will be taken. You will be supplied with a hardcopy sample at a later date and there is no obligation to buy.

SEACHTAIN NA GAEILGE - We are arranging lots of activities and a Céilí Mór between now and our break.

RIDICULOUS – Thanks to our parents Sinead, Dorina and the Ark for staging & performing the show Ridiculous. The school will be buying a surprise with the money raised. The children & staff were truly entertained – thanks.

GALLERY – check our updates – Classroom Activities, Ridiculous, Election Survey with 2nd, 3rd, 4th and lots more…….

SCHOOL CLOSURE – School will close on 16th of March at 12pm for Spring Break and re-open on Monday 4th April at 08:30am

LOST & FOUND – We have lots of items in lost and found which will be displayed at the bike shed at drop off and collection time tomorrow (Friday). Any items not claimed will be donated to a local charity shop.

PARENTS ASSOCIATION – An evening meeting will be held for all parents on Thursday 7th April at 8:30pm. This will be a general information session about the activities of the committee so far this year, and will provide an opportunity for all parents to ask questions or make suggestions for the committee. The on-going campaign for a Second Level ET school for the area will also be discussed at this meeting. Anyone interested in taking an active part in this campaign should e-mail

At the most recent meeting of the PA committee, planning for after-school activities for the next school year was underway.

Our PA is now a member of the National Parents Council (

AFTERSCHOOLS – Thank-you to the PA for organizing the afterschools activities. Any queries please contact

SECOND LEVEL SCHOOL – Dublin South City to open 2018Complete an Expression of Interest form NOW! - Note from the campaign.

The Department of Education and Skills have announced that it will open a new Second-level school in the Dublin South City area in September 2018.   This is a hugely significant development for the many parents looking for more choice in the type of Second-level schools available in the Dublin South City area.  The location of the school, which will be a new building, will be in the Dublin South City area (Dublin 2, 4, 6 or 8).

Educate Together has confirmed that it will apply to be the Patron of this new Second-level school. The Department of Education will invite Patron Bodies to apply to be Patron of this new school over the next few months. The awarding of the Patron of the new Second-level school will be decided by the number of Expressions of Interest completed by parents.

We need you to complete an Expression of Interest online as soon as possible and ask friends and family who are interested in an Educate Together Second-level school to do so as well! Please complete the Expression of Interest form online at:


Enjoy the weekend,

Election Survey 2016 – 2nd,3rd,4th.