Welcome the last newsletter of the school year,

ETHOS: Best wishes to families who have been celebrating Eid, and have completed Ramadan. Birthday wishes again to all those children celebrating birthdays over the summer.

CALENDAR: Re-opens on August 31 08.30am.


First Two Days of School: Thursday 31st August and Friday 1st September: 8:45 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Monday 4th to Friday 8th September: 8:30a.m. to 11:45a.m.

Thereafter: 8:30 a.m. to 1:10 p.m (normal school day)


You have received booklists, and we will have them online for backup later next week.


SCHOOL PLAYDATES: We shall be in touch with dates in local parks where new parents can meet up for a natter and let the children get to know each other.

THANKYOU: Thanks to the children, staff, parents, guardians, families, Board of Management, Parents Association, Buildings Committee, Art Committee, Extracurricular organisers, Asha in Siblings Hour, The Gardening Crew, and all those I have forgotten – Your support, hard work and positive commitment made this year so enjoyable, and another one to remember.

We hope you enjoy the summer break – stay safe, be nice to one another, no pushing, shoving or hitting, and we look forward to seeing you in term 1 next school year!

Best Wishes,

The staff of CWETNS

First Class Highlights

Violin Performance in Aodán’s Class

Soccer Blitz at St. James’s Primary School

Thanks a million to St. James’s Primary School for hosting our soccer blitz today. I hope everyone enjoyed it.


Welcome to this week’s newsletter,

ETHOS: Summer Solstice today. Bí curamach, as the fairies are at their most powerful, and we have 16hrs 40mins of light. Days start getting shorter tomorrow – tee hee !


Tuesday 27th – school closed early 13.10hrs for all classes.

Friday 30th – school closed at 12.00hrs for summer holidays.

August 31st – Schools opens at 08.30hrs for new school year

PARENTS ASSOCIATION: The Summer BBQ was a great success – thanks to all who attended.  The PAC would also like to thank all of the volunteers who helped make it such a great event. CHECK OUT GALLERY

BOOKLISTS & MATERIALS MONEY: These will be emailed to you in the coming week.

READERS: Please return all readers to the school by Friday. Children will not have readers next week, as we are stocktaking, and replenishing. Check under beds, sofas, fridges – Please make sure all boks are returned, as they are very expensive to replace. Thanks,

SCIENCE AWARD: Big thanks to Niamh who prepared, submitted and secured our Science and Maths Award again this year. This is the fourth year we have been awarded this, and we are delighted and proud.  

LOST AND FOUND We have been displaying the lost and found all week now, and unclaimed items will be donated in the coming week, please have a look at the items in the yard and claim - thanks.

SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT: Our school will grow from 196 children to 250 next September. We will be welcoming three new teachers to Canal Way Educate Together, and we shall inform you of their appointments over the summer. We will occupy all of our ten rooms next year –  nine classrooms and 1 learning support room, where our team of three learning support teachers will be based – Wilma, Hazel and a third teacher who will be appointed during September.

Enjoy the weekend,

Dermot & Staff.










NEWSLETTER 08.06.2017

Welcome to this weeks newsletter,

Welcome to this week’s newsletter,

HUGE thanks to organisers of our annual sponsored walk. €4k plus has been lodged to the bank so far. This is a fantastic result, and will go to finance more teaching resources in the school.

GALLERY Check out the Gallery for photos. Lots happening around the school.


  • Summer Holidays – School will be closing on Friday June 30th at 12 noon, and shall re-open on August 31st.
  • 13.10hrs finish on 20th & 27th of June, for all classes.

INCOMING JUNIOR INFANTS We welcomed our new ‘wobblies’ into the school yesterday, where they met their teachers Fiona and Niamh. It was a great afternoon, and we were delighted to see our new students so happy and excited. They have all been invited to the BBQ, so you will get a chance to meet them on Saturday.



The summer BBQ will take place this Saturday (10th June) from 1pm to 3pm.

Our end of year social event for the whole family with music, DJ, drummers, Bbq food and games

FREE entry for all attendees!! 

If you would like to help out on the day please email


Find out about the LEGO six bricks and how your child can learn through play hear how in an age of technology there is still one thing that reaches the heart of the family ‘Storytelling’, listen to our keynote speaker tell you the value of engaging in your child’s learning and also listen to the Minister for Education and Skills. Saturday, the 10th of June in the National College of Ireland from 10.30am to 4pm. ADMISSION FREE

To register click here or just email or Tel: 01 8874476

Enjoy the weekend,



Green School Committee at Bloom 2017

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Welcome to this week’s newsletter,

HOMEWORK: Summer is here, and we shall be easing off on written homework for the month of June. Children will still have reading and essentials. Please use the free time to get out into the sunshine and keep active.

GRANDPARENTS & FAMILY DAY Thank-you to all our special guests who visited us last Friday. Again it was a fantastic day. Thanks Hazel and all the staff for making this a huge success. Thanks to the parents who helped out making the oceans of tea and for those who baked cakes and niceties. Rich conversation and rich cake was had by all.

BOARD OF MANAGEMENT: The Board of Management met last night for their final meeting this school year. They discussed and ratified the following policies: Gaeilge, History, Geography, Chronic Illness & Supervision. The board would like to thank the staff for forming the policies, and also thank the parents for their contributions. The work of the Parents Association was commended and sincere thanks passed on. The work of the buildings committee was noted and greatly appreciated, and the comprehensive report on repairs needed to cater for our expanding school was considered and progressed.

COOKBOOK – Thanks to the PAC for pulling this together. You will have lots of opportunities to pick up a copy over the coming weeks if you haven’t already.



SUMMER BBQ The summer BBQ will take place on Saturday 10th June from 1pm to 3pm.  This a great family event with music, DJ, drummers, food and games.

We are looking for volunteers for the following: Chefs (at least 2 trained!); Decorators; Face-painters; First aiders; and general helper-outers: A person with a large van to transport the BBQ’s on the day; Cake bakers; Games assistants.

We are also looking for the lend of 3 large Gas BBQ’s (with gas!)

If you can help in anyway, please email





Dermot & Staff.