Welcome to this week’s newlsetter,

ETHOS: This month we have been learning about the core value Gratitude. We have made a gratitude tree in the foyer, and all are welcome to stop and reflect, and post a message on it to say thanks to someone.

Doireann’s class presented a Thanks themed assembly, and Cian’s and Simon’s Class got all musical at two assemblies also. We spoke about Autumn Equinox last week too, and look forward to learning about Yom Kippur which will be celebrated in the coming days.

The Buddy Bench Initiative was revised at assembly, and children were reminded that if they are alone in the yard, they have to go the buddy bench, where they will be spotted and invited to play by their fellow students.

Next Month’s Core Value is Respect.

TEACHING AND LEARNING: The school is a very busy place these days. Aodán’s Class are enjoying the Three Little Pigs. Jenny’s Class are enjoying and working hard in the kitchen in Aistear. Niamh & Fiona’s Class were trekking around the garden, ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’. they are also exploring this book through the arts. Simon’s Class are making Harvest Perspective Art. Aileen’s class are enjoying the Story of Oisín. Doireann’s class are learning about Space, and are writing their own Myths and Legends about how it all began. Cian’s Class have learned about Uganda, and have really enjoyed that. Ciarán’s class are enjoying active learning & station teaching in Literacy and Maths. They are flying around – it’s like the M50 in there!

DRUMMING & MUSIC WORKSHOPS: I will be taking each class for a half term for music instrumentation. I am currently working with Aodán’s class & Jenny’s classes every Monday, on the stage. This is a really nice space to hold these classes, and each class will enjoy this throughout the year. At the moment we are learning the names of all the instruments, how to play them, pitch, sounds, keeping time 4/4, and taking rests. Check out the Gallery.

PARENTS ASSOCIATION ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  The Parents Association AGM will take place on Tuesday 10th October in the school at 7:30 pm.  It is important that at least 10 parents from each class attend so that each class is adequately represented at the AGM.

The Parents Association Committee for the 2017 / 18 school year will be chosen at the AGM.  The Committee’s main responsibilities are:

  • organising fundraising and social events for the school community
  • co-ordinating the Afterschool Activities
  • provide support for all parents in the school

Tea / Coffee and refreshments will be served.

If you are interested in putting yourself forward to be on the Parent Association Committee for 2017/18, please e-mail  This is a great way to be actively involved in our school community

Volunteers for Afterschool Activities: If anyone is interested in helping out with the Afterschool Activities, please send an e-mail to

PARENT TODDLER MORNING: The Parent & Toddler Morning starts back next week on October 3rd.  It will take place each Tuesday from 8:30am to 10:30am in the Community Room in the school. All are welcome.

PSYCHOLOGY CLINC, This clinic is designed for parents who have questions and concerns about their child. Parents or carers of children aged from 1 – 18 years (Not the children themselves). Any concerns that a parent may have in relation to a child’s development, behaviour, adjustment to life changes such as separation/bereavement/divorce etc. The clinic operates on a first-come first-served basis. Each clinic has 4 slots available, in which the parent meets with Dr. Paula Cummins or Dr. Amy Brogan, Primary Care Psychologist, to discuss the concerns on a one-to-one basis.

The Maple UnitCherry Orchard Hospital, The last Monday of the month, between 9.30am – 12.30pm

Rosse Court Resource Centre, Balgaddy Road, Lucan The 2nd & 3rd Monday of the month     between 9.30am – 12.30pm

Contact us on 07669-55292 to schedule the appointment.

BOARD OF MANAGEMENT met last month, and would like thank all volunteers who contributed to maintaining the garden and grounds over the summer break, in particular all who worked on the mural which made for a fabulous welcome back for all the children and staff. Welcome all our new Junior Infants. Board discussed health and safety policy and thank the building committee for all of the hard work in compiling a comprehensive site & building report and needs assessment for our current and future accommodation needs. The report has been submitted to the Department of Education for consideration.

TIME KEEPING Thanks to all those who are in their lines and ready to go to class at 08.30am. Please make it to lines at this time as the day starts when they get to class.

NUTS: Thanks for your continued support and keeping those lunches ‘every type of nut free’, including pesto.

SCHOOL CLOSED AT 13.10 HRS for ALL classes on 10.10.2017 – to facilitate staff training.

All the best, Enjoy the weekend,

Dermot & Staff.



Music with Dermot

Aodán’s Class: Aistear, Maths, Play time and others

Jenny’s Senior Infants

Newsletter 07-sept-17


ETHOS:  Best wishes to families who celebrated Eid last week. We spoke about this at assembly and hope you all had an enjoyable festival.

We are singing Penny Lane at assembly - play it if you have a chance at home.

JUNIOR INFANTS: Full day next week, 08.30hrs to o 13.10hrs. Please pack food for two lunches. Have a look at the Junior Infants in the GALLERY

Every year parents compile a list of contact details for one another – please email your contact details to the following two parent representatives from your class. It is useful for inviting children on playdates, parties etc.

  • NIAMH’S Class : Michelle
  • FIONA’S Class : Réiltin

HEALTHY EATING / NUT FREE: thank-you for your continued support with NUT FREE healthy lunches. Our school is growing and so are our children who have allergies. Please do not pack any form of nut in lunches, this includes pesto.

ALLERGIES / CHRONIC ILLNESSES: Thankyou to the parents who have informed us of their children’s Chronic Illnesses information. PLEASE read the chronic illness policy on the website and inform us if your child has a chronic illness.

TIMEKEEPING: Thank-you to those who get here on time and are ready in their lines at 08.30am. Teaching starts when they are brought to class.

TEACHING AND LEARNING Next year pupils will be learning about the countries listed below. To support teaching and learning we are collecting resources from each country.

We are looking to collect items that are relevant to children’s lives and help our pupils make connections with children living in other parts of the world. For example a children’s book, traditional clothing, newspapers, tickets, brochures, children’s magazines, birthday cards, school books, postcards, flyers for family days out, cultural items, items that are relevant to pastimes and play, photographs of homes and buildings, photographs of very ordinary things such as post-boxes etc.

FIRST CLASS – France & China,   SECOND CLASS - Spain and Australia,   THIRD to SIXTH - Greece & Brazil

ART COMMITTEE – MURAL: A thank you to the following parents who were the Parents Art Group; Trevor Bacon (co-ordinator), Faolán Bashford, Kathleen Walsh, Jacinta Leigh, Lorna Greene, Paul Mahoney & Enagha Farrell for her design which was chosen & voted on by the children of the school.  A massive thank you to Fiona (teacher) who gave her time and worked with the Art Group and the Student Council for organising the voting in choosing the final design.  Thanks to all.

SCOOTERS & BICYCLES: Dismount all bicycles and scooters at the front gate. If you are hanging around after collection time, please be sure the children are not cycling or scooting in the yard.

PSYCHOLOGY AND PARENTING SERVICE: This service is designed for PARENTS/CARERS of people from 1 to 17 years of age (not for the children themselves). If you are concerned about any of the following issues your child may have then this clinic may be suitable for you:

• Problematic behaviour • Problems with sleeping • Problems with toileting • Problems with eating • Problems with relationships – either forming or maintaining • Low mood, anxiety or depression • Problems at school. The clinic runs every Tuesday from 9am to 1pm.

Appointments can only be booked one week in advance To book an appointment please phone 07669-55292 Each appointment slot is 35 minutes and you will meet with Dr Vincent Mc Darby, Senior Clinical Psychologist, to discuss your concerns in relation to your child on a one-to-one basis. Appointments are held in: The Meath Primary Care Centre, 1-9 Heytesbury Street, Dublin 8

Enjoy the weekend

Dermot & Staff

First Week in Aodán’s Class

Welcome Junior Infants!