20.04.2018 NEWSLETTER

NEWSLETTER: Our Core Value this month is Peace. Aodán’s class performed in Assembly today and sang a song about Peace.

SECOND LEVEL SOUTH CITY EDUCATE TOGETHER ENROLLING NOW:  Enrolment for the new Dublin South City Educate Together Second Level School will open next Monday 23rd April at 9am on the Educate Together website. Educate together will be sending out an email to anyone registered.

BOARD OF MANAGEMENT – Meeting last night. Discussed strategies and plans for building needs and accommodation. Special Education Policy & Assessment Policy ratified, and First Aid is in progress. Educate Together AGM motions were decided, and a policy schedule for CWETNS was discussed. Special Education Needs and available resources in the school were discussed. Budgets were approved for works to maintain trees in the garden, to repair the roof, and budgets to support staff with further study were also agreed. (Thankyou from the staff.) The Board was updated on the 5 Year Plan for the School which is under review at present. The Board looks forward to parental involvement in this plan late next month, and also extends thanks to the parents association for recent events and fundraising.

STANDARDISED ASSESSMENTS: We assess the children using standardised assessments annually. All schools carry out these tests nationally, and the results are used internally to inform our teaching and learning and are part of a criteria for allocating learning support in our school. These assessments will take place over the week of the 30th of April, so please make every effort to have your child in school during this time.

FIRE AND DAISY, our hens are doing great. Special thanks to all families who are helping to look after them every day, and making sure they get to bed on time without any messing or fowl play.



CANALWAY HOODIES AND BEANIES: We are doing our last round of orders for Canal Way hoodies on Thursday and Friday morning, in the yard before school. We have raised over €500 euro for the school so far with this fundraising idea, which is great. Now let’s make that number bigger folks! :)

Please note, we’re taking orders only – no payment until collection. The hoodies are available in red and navy. We’ll have colour and size samples on the day.

Price: €25 for child sizes and €30 for adult sizes.

We will also have navy Canal Way beany hats in stock to buy on Thursday and Friday morning.

Price: €10 each.

USED CLOTHING FUNDRASIER: We will be doing a collection of old clothes in early May to raise money for the school and a local charity, Liberty Recycling. They are community based and provide practical work experience, certified training and rehabilitation to those affected by drugs.

This is a great opportunity for a Spring clean, so please go through all your stuff and gather any used clothes in good condition that you want to get rid of. You’ll be able to drop off your contributions in the school on Wednesday 02 May 19:00 – 20:30 and Thursday 03 May 08:00 – 08:30.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.



Enjoy the weekend,

Dermot & Staff





NEWSLETTER 11.04.2018

Welcome to this week’s newsletter,


PERSONAL DETAILS – Please inform the office if you have changed address, email address or phone number. We have noticed that some family’s details are out of date, and we want to update our data base. office@canalwayetns.org

HENS – We have taken delivery of two hens which you can see in the morning time in the garden. The Hens & Coop are on Hire from Hen Friends and will be with us for the coming month. The children are enjoying them and the Hens are settling into their new home and have laid a few eggs already. More to follow – PICTURES HERE

Huge thanks Wilma for organising this.

POLICIES – We have put three draft policies on the DOWNLOAD SECTION OF OUR WEBSITE

  1. Assessment,
  2. Special Education
  3. First Aid.

They shall be ratified at our next Board Meeting so please read these policies and contact me with any contributions that you may have – principal@canalwayetns.org

ASTRO TURF JAMES’S SECONDARY SCHOOL – You will all have seen the railings at the end of our yard which are for the Astro Pitch which St James’s Secondary School have had installed. They are kindly letting us have use of this pitch and we are currently arranging time slots with them. Big thank-you to the Management & Staff of St James’s Secondary School.

ST KEVINS GAA PETITION – Kevin’s GAA club is having a difficult time convincing the GAA to allow them to maintain the land that they train on. They are actively trying to increase the size of the club and are keen to get as many children as possible from Dublin 8, playing hurling. Kevins are asking to be allowed to maintain this ground – they have a petition and have kindly asked we highlight this to our community – please consider signing this petition. PETITION LINK HERE


April 30th – 13.10 closure for all classes

May 7th to 11th – Midterm Break


We are a start-up campaign for a co-educational, multi-denominational, non-fee-paying secondary school in Dublin South West City with Educate Together patronage.  We are establishing a mailing list of people interested in this as a preference for their children’s education, in order to be ready to mobilise if a second-level school is to be established in Dublin South West City and formal expressions of interest are called for at short notice.
Paste this link into your browser to join our mailing list  tinyurl.com/ethx-list
Rob is a parent in Canal Way who has kindly had flyers printed for us. If you would like to put up some flyers in your local area, please email Rob at robsubcity@gmail.com.

Kind Regards,

Dermot & Staff. .

Meet our new resident Hens in the garden!