One Day Together


NEWSLETTER 19.10.2018

Ethos – We had a great Assembly this morning hosted by Ciara and Aileen. There was song, dance, reflection, thanks and laughter.

Maths Week Lots happening around the school this week. Cian’s class was enjoying solving puzzles. Fiona’s class solved a puzzle by Henry Dudeny and were thinking strategically all week. Ciara’s class were tessellating and problem solving. Aileen’s class were enjoying stations, tessellations and Chrome Books. Simon’s class enjoyed playing games and making a Maths trail. Jenny’s class were enjoying Maths problems and stations. Cliona’s class enjoyed maths problems on the interactive white board. Ciarán’s class enjoyed doing Maths tricks, puzzles, games and card tricks.

School closures School closes for midterm next Friday 26th October – it is a normal school day closing at 1:10 / 2:10. Re-opening on 5th November at 08:30

DRESS UP DAY – 26th October 2018 – Next Friday. Children wear fancy dress. Please no scary masks or weapon accessories.



Our patron body Educate Together is a charity and they have an annual fund raising day where all schools hold an event and raise money and awareness for Educate Together. We will be partaking in this event again this year, and our event is called Coins for Concert. There will be performance of some shape in the hall for the children – It’s all very top secret and sure to be shambolic! We request that you send in coins with the chidren. Please try send in only silver and gold – no copper please as it is too difficult to handle/


School Safety

We are liaising with the Dublin City Council with regard to road safety. Following this, the school warden is on earlier now in the mornings, and we are working on another piece to get a warden on in the afternoon. Please continue to be aware of traffic and parking around the top of the road.


Materials Money

Thank you to all who have already paid. Please try and settle up your balance by the end of October. If you need a new link sent out please contact the office.


Book Fair – Thank you!

A huge, huge thank you to all who came along and supported our book fair this week. We sold a lot of books and will be receiving credit from Scholastic so that we can buy books and literacy resources for the school. Typically we receive one books for every two sold at the fair. Thank you to Tracy, Kate and Deirdre for being our shopkeepers for the week and to Fiona for organising.



My-self and our Deputy Principal Fiona are the Designated Liaison Persons in our school for Child Protection. We were at training this week to complete the Introduction of the New Guidelines. We are reviewing our Child Safety Statement which we ratified earlier this year. We asked for your input before we ratified this and we have our first annual review of this next month. If you have any feedback after our first year with this new policy, please contribute by reading the ratified document in our download statement and contacting me directly


Please note that children’s toilets are exclusively for children’s use. You cannot enter the building to use the toilet with your child, as all children use the toilet. We cannot facilitate requests by adults to use the toilet in future.



Keep warm this Winter and help raise money for our school! Canal Way Beanies and hoodies are now available to order online at in Navy, Red, Orange and Blue with the school logo. On the website you just need to select the school and then choose your item / colour/ size and pay online. Items ordered will be delivered to the school the following week and will be available to collect from school reception.


Congratulations to Simon who was married last week in Germany. Rumour has it that he will be doing it all again in another ceremony next year in Ireland – Poor Simon will be rightly tied up in knots by the summer ! Best Wishes Simon and every happiness to ye both from all of the school community.

Best Wishes for the weekend,

Dermot & Staff.

NEWSLETTER 05.10.2018

Welcome to this week’s newsletter,

ETHOS – This month’s core value is Honesty. Our new Monday morning assemblies are a success so far, and we are learning about growth mind-set, learning through mistakes and philosophical questioning at these assemblies. Fridays assemblies are more performance based, and we enjoyed a fine performance from Third Class today, and we all sang Space Oddity which was quite a lunar rendition – keep practicing, me included !

TEACHING AND LEARNING: Lots of great things happening around the school –

  • Simon’s Class are enjoying learning letter sounds, and also learning about their family and homes in Aistear.
  • Jenny’s class are also learning letter sounds, and they are lording it up in the restaurant in Aistear.
  • Cliona’s class are not feeling too well, and are spending all visiting the doctors surgery in Aistear.
  • Orla’s class made some lovely airplanes and flew them in the yard.
  • Wilma’s class have lovely literacy stations running at the moment, and Wilma would like to thank the parents who are helping out.
  • Jayne’s class are weaving gorgeous bands, and are all very chilled in the process.
  • Aileen’s class are enjoying our Chrome Books, and are researching animals.
  • Ciara’s class are making lovely art and have a stunning tree on their door.
  • Fiona’s class have done canal projects and they are brilliant.
  • Cian’s class are coding on the new Chrome Books, and are peer mentoring one another also. Thanks to the Coder Dojo Club for making this happen.
  • Ciaran’s class have completed projects on Iran and they are well researched and very informative.

WELL BEING WALK: The 5000 Steps to Wellbeing Walk takes place in UCD at 2pm on Sunday 7th October. The walk is approx. 4km in length and is an opportunity for everybody to learn about the Five Ways to Wellbeing whilst also having a lovely walk in the UCD Woodlands. Everybody must register for the walk online using this LINK

THANKYOU TEACHERS – Today is World Teacher Day. On behalf of the management of the school, and from the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank the staff for their endless commitment and passion. Without them our school wouldn’t be where it is today. Working in a developing school is a great experience but also demands a lot of dedication, extra work, adaptability and grá. It is a privilege to work with the team – thank-you one and all.

Our staff wore yellow today to show solidarity with teachers across the country, who do not receive equal pay. As you see our wardrobes do not live on the yellow side of the colour wheel – Enjoy the weekend !

Dermot & Staff